Terms of Service

1. Deck 10 Media, in conjunction with The Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center, (herewith called Deck 10) and the above-named presenter (herewith called presenter or presenters) agree upon a presentation of sessions indicated above to be held during the New England Conservatory Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice, June 16-25, 2021.

2. Live presenting artist(s) or speaker(s) agree to present themselves in an appropriate manner while conducting their session. Inappropriate language or actions will not be tolerated and may result in the session being shut down. (This is an all-ages event).

3. Deck 10 will not be financially responsible for fees, expenses, and lost and/or damaged equipment belonging to the artist(s), sponsor(s) or a third party. Artist/presenter is responsible for all financial support.

4. Any change from the original proposal must be approved by the SICPP staff and Deck 10 Officers. Unauthorized content or performances could result in the session being denied or shut down. The Deck 10 reserves the right to cancel any session.

5. Any change in personnel from the original proposal must be approved by the SICPP Staff.

6. With respect to the presentation, the presenter(s) shall comply fully with any and all local, state, and federal laws, regulations, rules, and rights of others applicable to the reproduction or performance of proprietary or copyrighted materials and works of third parties ("Works" ), and to the protection of the intellectual property rights associated with such Works. The presenters(s) shall indemnify, defend, protect and hold harmless the New England Conservatory, Deck 10 Media, Tavel Center, and IUPUI against any claims made or legal actions brought by any person or entity as a result of injuries, damages, expenses and losses actually or allegedly incurred by such a person or entity arising from the use of proprietary intellectual property of third parties (whether such claims are actual or threatened). The foregoing indemnity shall apply regardless of the means of publication or performance by the Presenter(s), and shall include specifically and without limitation live performances, the use of recordings, audio broadcasts, video broadcasts, sounds or images transmitted via the worldwide web, chat rooms, webcast, streaming, or online service providers, satellite or cable, and all other publication or performance means whatsoever, whether now known or developed after the date of this Agreement.

7. New England Conservatory and Deck 10 Media may stream, make audio, video, or photography recordings of the presenter's work/performance at SICPP 2021. This is to be used exclusively by New England Conservatory and Deck 10 Media, including but not limited to: digital & print facsimiles, social media outlets such as FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as all New England Conservatory and Deck 10 Media related websites, without limitations. This in no way claims proprietary rights over any participating artist’s ownership of their intellectual property, but recognizes ownership of the streaming property of such IP. Artists may freely use and link to such streaming content owned by Deck 10 and New England Conservatory. Deck 10 makes no claim over artist’s right to otherwise disseminate their original property at will.

8. All of the terms of this contract are additionally binding upon any of the Presenter’s associates who perform or otherwise participate in the named work with the Presenter.